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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Discontentment and your health ( a good read if you are on a weight loss plan, fasting or on any types of dietary restrictions)

God is so faithful to supply all of our needs especially our need for food. And boy do we have enough food!! In other parts of the county people are starving and we are eating enough calories/food to pack on some major pounds. And yet we are still discontent.

We know that God has provided us with plants and animals for food and clothing. But we want more. We want better. We want tastier. Did you know that sometimes provision is actually "the bare minimum" or just enough"?

Theres a story in the bible that we can ALL relate to. After being miraculously released from slavery in Egypt, the israelites found them selves in the wilderness. And GOD, the one who delivered them from bondage, provided them with food in the form of manna. They collected it and ate it like bread. God was faithful. God provided. He gave them this after hearing them complain about not having enough to eat.

But it wasn't enough. They continued with more complaints, revealing their dissatifaction and even longed for the foods they had when they were ENSLAVED,

" ....If only we had MEAT to eat!! We remember the fish we had in Egypt at no cost. -The cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions and garlic. But now we have lost our appetite. we see nothing but manna!!!" -Numbers 11:4-6

Certainly they had reason to be grateful. They were delivered from bondage and now given food provisions.
Dissatisfaction can cloud our perception and make us ungrateful for daily blessings we experience daily.

The manna was free on their part. no work involved. no seeds, soil, sunlight, time... just food from the sky!! Instead of being thankful, they wanted more. They found the RESTRICTION intolerable.
See where I am going?

God decided they would live under a set of dietary restrictions. There food, for the season, was Manna. They were upset because limits were placed on what they could eat, and what they were missing.

They obviously enjoyed the pleasant taste of many different types of foods. Yet now, for reasons they cant control, were required to abide by certain guidelines, but their flesh rejected it and they couldnt show gratitude for this provision by God himself.


Take this as you will. Whether you are in a season where your not able to eat a certain foods due to money, perhaps you are fasting, perhaps you are trying to get healthy or lose weight etc..
I say be content with what you do (or do not have) you want the sweets. you want the treats, the fatty foods, fast food, you want the foods you cannot have for THIS season. Well, get over it. God has provided food in general, and to that we should be thankful.

Lets say your goal is weight loss. Well, the truth is, weight loss DOES require us to restrict the amount of food we eat and to set limits on the types of foods we eat. And it is GOOD to set some parameters when it comes to what we eat.
We tend to let RESTRICTION cloud our eyes of provision. We focus on what we are missing rather than what we have been given.

In numbers (21.5), the isralites said, "we Detest this miserable food!!"
Manna wasnt miserable, the problem was their rebellious, self indulgent hearts that couldnt come with terms of living with a set of dietary restrictions.

A lot of people despise some of the foods that will better their health. "i remember the danish rolls, and bacon i used to eat every morning" i dont want anymore fruit and oatmeal!"

Like manna, healthy food becomes an easy target. God has given us the earth to produce foods (fruits, veggies, whole grains) that are benificial to our health and well being. How dare we complain about them!!

Response? stop complaining about the food, and start examining your heart.

Unless we let the Holy spirit examine our hearts, we too will respond in the same way. Healthy foods are a blessing from the Lord and being content with them, is great GAIN.

So whether youa re restricting to be healthy, lose weight or perhaps are starting a fast, remember to be thanful and not always WANTING more taste, more food more more more.

If you struggle with food or need help with discipline, i reccommend fasting as well. Fasting can help you master this appetite, by filling yourself with God instead of certain foods/pleasures.The key is to replace the cravings with Worship, the word and prayer. And remember to not hold on so tight to things that really arent that important.

We are to live a disciplined life. Self controlled. This is evidence of Gods spirit and work in our lives.
No longer living unself controlled as we use to to. and this includes the area of food, in which food is by far mans strongest appetite. But it can be mastered. If we walk in contentment and by the Holy spirit.
Kelly the trainer
"Live THE Life"