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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Half Way through the hoildays..........

Awesome! You have made it through candy season and the day of Gluttony (Thanksgiving)... just a few weeks to go. But..oh, wait. then there is Christmas... gotta enjoy the partys and food festivities!!

Can't forget New Years..lots of food-get togethers there. But its a new year! Time to get back on track from the hoildays!!
Then... shoot. Valentines Day (more candy!!) and Easter... an Easter dinner and more candy! Another get together for mothers day that supplies mothers favorite dishes....
Um. And then there is cook outs for memorial day. Followed by fathers day. More BBQ's with the 4th of July. Then I am sure we'll be eating bad for labor day, flag and earth day, right?? Dont forget all the which you MUST have cake!!

Are you getting my point yet?

You see, there is always going to be SOMETHING. There is always going to be food get togethers, temptations and reasons to eat. And we play this game with ourselves. Its just one day... when this is over, I will get back on track. Let me just enjoy ONE DAY!

And then the cycle continues. And we get, well, no where.

Think about it. Think back to each year up to 5 years ago. What changes have been made to your body. Are you gaining? Maintaining? Losing?
Find the pattern. Make the change. It is up to you.

These "days" will never end. You wont "get it together" once school gets out. or once the kids are back in school, or when you go back to work, or once this hoilday is over. Why? because there is always something else.

These things arent the issue. Dare I say it? YOU ARE.

You are the issue.

You have to decide what is important and what lifestyle you will lead. What compromises you will make. What places you will go. What foods you buy. What gym member ships you DONT get.

Life is a series of choices. One compromise after another. Once bite here one bite there.

So here we are. Faced with a choice. Do you want it?
How bad?
Bad enough to stop going to your favorite resturant?
Bad enough to wake up at 5:00am (b/c thats the only time you can squeeze it in?)
Bad enough to keep a daily food journal
Bad enough to say no to dessert?
Bad enough to stop going out with people that don't support your goals?
Bad enough to not have family ice cream night anymore?

How bad do you want it?
Do you want it sometimes, until the going gets tough?
Do you want it until things get tough or the temptation gets the best of you?
Do you want it until stress hits?

This is your question to answer today. Not to be decided upon quickly. What price are you willing to pay? If your not willing to pay the price, no biggie. but dont fool yourself into thinking that you are and then dont follow through. that is what will separate those reaching their goals and those that dont.